Pilot Project – POP 11

IMG_1111 IMG_1113IMG_1120PILOT PROJECT is up.

Until Jan. 16th, 2011, the oversized pilot bread box will be up at west chester lagoon. The 4’x 14′ piece is place around a great skating track. Last night was the opening, where pilot bread with salmon dip was served, amongst a nice fire. The install was on a perfect day of ice fog, with the sun breaking up the fog for a magical day.
This project is apart of POP 11, which is various art happenings community wide coinciding with the Warhol exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. These happening relate to POP art, POP culture and things relevant of our time, and Alaska.
I constructed this piece to engage the larger public about the exhibit. Bring art into everyday culture is important. Engaging people in settings other than a museum is important.
Pilot bread is an unique product/icon. 98% of all the production of the product is made for Alaskans, which is made in Virginia.

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