GYRE: Small actions – small things

Grabbing the big stuff –  we pick up large pieces of foam. Fragments are left behind.  A closer look and one starts to see other small pieces. Small little beads and shapes, colors, and textures that are less organic. These are the micro plastics that are finding there way everywhere. But as the consumption of plastic grows, so do these little particles in our world. Maybe these small things should be an example to try to make small changes in our plastic ways. So our small actions can change small... Read The Rest →


GYRE – An expedition and Exhibition  On June 7th, 2013, I boarded the Northsman along with a team of scientists and artist for a week long adventure with the focus of marine trash. This project was conceived by Howard Ferren at the Sealife Center in Seward, Alaska. His drive for public awareness on the issue lead him to the Anchorage Museum for a collaboration on the subject. The trip was amazing. Accessing remote beaches and survey and collecting trash. Meeting folks that have made cleaning up these beaches their life... Read The Rest →

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