I am getting my sewing machine warmed up … and working on some sketches for this very fun event happening in February. I guess the judge is from this season Project Runway – Christopher Straub. I don’t have a tv … so I have never seen the show. I think type will definitely be involved in my little piece. I am looking for a model though …. THE CHALLENGE IS TO MAKE WEARABLE WORKS OF ART. CLOTHING SHOULD FIT INTO ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES/THEMES: • IMPRINT (use magazines, newspapers, newspaper bags... Read The Rest →

Artist at Play exhibition

Artists at Play is an exhibit that just opened at the Anchorage Museum. It a companion exhibit to Science in Toyland. My piece took a lot to build —- lots of lite brite pegs …. there were TONS of children creating designs at the opening. I have to check out this week how it is holding up. And take some pictures of it with the illumination.

Alta Bike

Okay we bought the bike. And it is one fast single speed. Alaska Design Forum was selected (out of a hat) to be one of the four recipients of the profits from the Mayor’s Charity Ball. Frost Produkt, from Norway generously donated the bike to ADF. Jan and Sondre Ustrad, the two brothers that started Frost lectured in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Great guys — doing some really nice work.

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